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Von | Juni 27, 2023

von Escape Newcastle (webseite)

15 Princess Sq, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8ER

Newcastle upon Tyne

2-5 Spieler

Sprachen: EN

60 minuten

Your friend has been missing for days, believed to have been taken by the notorious Jester serial killer. You have followed the clues which have led you to an abandoned TV Studio. Can you play the Jester's game and free the hostage, or will you be his next victim?
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Bewertet zwischen 3.5 und 4 von 5

basierend auf Bewertungen von 45 Benutzern
kombiniert mit Bewertungen von 6 Benutzern

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Lindsey Carey (Dinner Jackets) experte hat dies bewertet:Rated between 3.5 and 3.5 out of 5
Gespielt am: 30 Mar 2024 Teamgröße: 4 Benötigte Zeit: 41:21 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
MaliceInWonderland hat dies bewertet:Rated between 4 and 4 out of 5
Teamgröße: 2 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
I really enjoyed this room, there was one puzzle that took us ages but we were laughing so hard that keeping getting it wrong just made us laugh harder. Really good fun! 
spbc experte hat dies bewertet:Rated between 2 and 2 out of 5
Gespielt am: 8 Feb 2023 Teamgröße: 3 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
unlogischnot enough to do
LouT hat dies bewertet:Rated between 3 and 3 out of 5
Teamgröße: 4 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
schlechtes hosting
Fun but formulaic game. Played with teens who enjoyed it. Experience was sadly let down by a lack lustre host. 
Anonymous hat dies bewertet:Rated between 2 and 2 out of 5
Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 61 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
tolles hostingunlogischstumpfsehr schwierig
First of all, need to say that escape sheffield other 3 rooms are far superior to this one, and every time we have been the hosts have been absolutely amazing and this time was no exception to that.The theme is taken, a serial killer/kidnapping escape room…. Set in a building managers office???? The room looks like an office and is very plain and uninspired, so if you enjoy heavily themed experiences then this isn’t the room for you.Next the reason why this room is so difficult is that NOTHING is signposted, we found an initial hint that led to a dead end and this was the experience throughout, just frustration after frustration around every turn.  Some necessary items were so hidden that even after being told to look for them it still took a lot of searching to find them. This frustration is compounded by no sense of direction or continuity throughout the room.Moving onto one of the biggest problems, one massive time wasting “puzzle” that requires no thinking/puzzling whatsoever. Our other major complaint was that some puzzles have no way of telling the direction for the order, (I.e. left to right or right to left?), especially when dealing with long directional padlocks this was extremely unnecessary. I checked with our host afterwards and they confirmed there was no way to tell the correct direction of the sequence, you just had to try both.Overall it was disappointing given how much we enjoyed the other rooms here, if they’re contemplating replacing a room in future then it 100% should be this one.
Scotus0 experte hat dies bewertet:Rated between 2.5 and 2.5 out of 5
Gespielt am: 14 Oct 2023 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 34:34 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
stumpfunoriginellsehr leicht

Like Taken Candy From a Baby

Since I was making an on-the-day booking for a team of 2, I chose Taken.


Rescue your kidnapped friend(s) and escape the hostage situation.


On-theme, but incredibly easy. A bit of searching here, a bit of thinking there.

Mise en scene

A straightforward but immersive enough space that did the job of looking like a kidnappers’ hideout.

Final Comments

It would work fine as a beginner room. I should have been braver and booked us a 4/5-star challenge: we received 2 clues and escaped with 25:26 left on the clock.

ashpf erfahren hat dies bewertet:Rated between 3 and 3 out of 5
Teamgröße: 2 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
🤘The Pick of Destiny experte hat dies bewertet:Rated between 3 and 3 out of 5
EscapeCarrtists hat dies bewertet:Rated between 2.5 and 2.5 out of 5
Gespielt am: 25 Jun 2019 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 52:03 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
ziemlich leicht

This was first Escapism room, overall quite an easy room. Shame about the aged puzzle if it wasn’t for this we would have gotten out with 30 minutes remaining

StaceyF experte hat dies bewertet:Rated between 3 and 3 out of 5
Gespielt am: 21/01/2019 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
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The second game at Escape Ipswich (and also at various other branches of Escape around the country) has you investigating a serial killer, and inevitably you've found yourselves caught and in danger of becoming his next victims. Naturally this killer enjoys toying with his prisoners in the form of leaving them puzzles that they might be able to solve to escape.

Like the other game we played at the venue, there's not a great deal in the way of decor here. Forget dank basements, this serial kille...

Plenty of puzzles, a fair number of locks and good but very much IKEA-esque decoration. A perfectly reasonable game but with nothing to get very excited about.
One of their first rooms, which shows, could do with a revamp as it’s not up to the same standard as their other games. Click the link to read our review!

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