Puzzle Post: The Scandal

By | November 25, 2021

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Femi Banuve, a sports photographer, has stumbled across a story of match-fixing and blackmail at the Marseille Tennis Championships. A bank of files and documents are being used to threaten a leading tennis star and Femi needs your help to disrupt the plan.
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A good introduction to an escape room, most of it was very easy, but we did use two clues to finish it.

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The Scandal is the perfect group game at any time of year, but it should definitely be on your Christmas list. Put away Monopoly, this will cause less conflict and will give your brains a nice little post-turkey workout.

The scandal part of The Scandal takes place at the Marseille Tennis Open. The usual – blackmail, match fixing, and some very scandalous revelations. Some interested parties have got their hands on the information and stored it in a secure safe… The code for which, as I’m sure you can guess, is hidden behind juicy puzzles. It’s a fun spin on their usual formula where the sender hides their own message for the recipient to unlock!

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