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By | Januar 26, 2022

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I've spent my whole life looking for a lost safe. A safe which once belonged to Jack Daniel. To a successful entrepreneur, a lover of women and a respected gentleman. Who would expect that looking for an ordinary safe can be for somebody that important?  But what if it hides the real secrets? What if it is really crucial for us to look inside again? What if it hides something that needs to be dusted off again and shown to the world?

Shortly after my studies I set out on a journey for the first time and I haven't ended my wandering yet. I crossed the length and breadth of two continents, I used to sleep both in luxury hotels and in huts on the edge of the forest. During that time I met a lot of people and I listened to an inexhaustible amount of stories, truths, and lies. Hardly anybody would say, that a thing you use every day for your work might become for you fatal. But what if the same thing disappears afterwards without a trace? Maybe it will veil that thing with a vague secret, maybe it will give a rise to new stories. For me and many others the search has become an obsession. I still don't know whether behind its disappearance is a mistress or a relative. I still have no idea whether the safe hides something more than just money. But what I do knowis that it was the reason Jack Daniel died for and that it's necessary to find it before it falls to wrong hands.
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Jack Daniel died in 1911, and shortly after his death, his safe disappeared. When a videotape falls into our hands, filmed in 1990, in which an old man talks about his lifelong search for the safe, the clues lead us to an abandoned cabin in the Czech mountains. This is where our adventure begins.

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