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Well what an absolute GEM of a find this was. We ran 3 minutes over of the 80, yes EIGHTY minute game. It was jam packed with difficult and some new puzzles we had not come across before. The set design was great. The intro for the story was a bit lengthy but was nice to have a backstory and motive for why we were there. Couple of language barrier moments in both this game and the cinema but the host helped with translation but only when we asked via clue system. If in prague you must play at Lost Exit! Host was so lovely. 
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(unbekannte Firma): Detective Room , prague
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schlechtes hosting

Firstly, we turned up 15 mins prior, as per the email, not a sign of anyone. We called the number on the desk, no response. We went up to the people running the bowling who said they haven't seen anyone from the escape rooms today. We waited a bit more and phoned again, to get a response from another of their locations saying to wait and if no one turns up then to call them again. Finally someone showed up and got us to sign in, no apology or anything, and just danced around to the music whilst we were trying to sign in on half working iPad. We eventually got into the game about 10-15 minutes after our booked start time.

The game:  Unhappy with our GM for this game. Her intro was appalling, then for the first 30ish minutes of the game she just radioed through telling us how to do everything. We weren't even getting a chance to figure anything out for ourselves. We had said before entering we were an experienced team so i thought, oh we must be getting this many clues because its a room with 16% escape rate and its part of it, maybe there's loads more stuff to do. But no, there wasn't, we didn't need the help. It got to the point where i just stopped replying on the walkie when she asked us to explain what we were doing as she couldn't see, she got the hint eventually that we didn't want help, but my god it ruined the whole room for us. then in the debrief she literally got out her phone and read us a bunch of discount codes from their website. No idea what that was about, it almost felt like she was being forced to be there and had a gun to the back of her head.

The game itself maybe was ok, but i have no idea since we weren't really given the chance to even try half the puzzles

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