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Teamgröße: 2 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
Teamgröße: 2 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
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hightechkomischtolles hosting
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Teamgröße: 2 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

Some very clever uses of the materials and a bunch of ah-ha moments when you figure out how to use everything provided.

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A couple of standout puzzles but some that fall flat. Overall a fun time if you don't mind taking a couple of hints. 

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An odd mix of clever puzzles and puzzles that you can't even see the answer to even when you know what it is supposed to be. 

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We played Framed on Sunday and were totally immersed in the game, everything from the set, the puzzles and Tessa's hosting was amazing. Clues were provided just at the right moments before frustration set in. It is also the first escape room where we have been able to walk away with a memento (and more).

Quite how so much has been packed into one room and how unique the puzzles are is simply mind boggling, we are still talking about it.

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This is billed as Unescaple`s hardest room, but I feel a lot of that difficultly is artificially inflated from using multiple of the same combination locks in the same space with little to no signposting. There is also one puzzle in particular, which uses something outside the control of the room which means you may not be able to solve it easily depending on outside influences, we had to brute force one number because it simply wasn't visible.

There are certainly a few clever puzzles in here, including one very clever way to get directional lock inputs, but no one puzzle felt hard or challenging. Jumping from getting one set of numbers/letters to another though just felt out of place for the setting.

The walkie-talkie method of getting clues also didn't seem to gel well, in story, this is because it is the only method to communicate through the time portals, however, when you can hear the GMs talking to eachother outside the room, it certainly detracts from the immersion. There was also a point where I accidently changed the walkie talkie channel and had to fiddle with it to get it back on the correct channel, instead of solving puzzles.

The torches also seemed to be rigged (or just broken) to make the second area more difficult and turning it on and off multiple times resulted in different combinations of either constantly on, intermittent flashing or strobing.

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Mutiny was a fun room, there's certainly a lot to do and the rooms are superb. The only downside is the amount of padlocks, almost every puzzle includes a padlock of some description, there are also padlocks for the room resetting which are all a certain colour and you are told to ignore, but in the heat of the moment you can find yourself wasting seconds trying to input a code into a non game piece. 

There is one puzzle in particular where half is available very early on, but you don't get to access the other half until much later, meaning you can also waste time trying to interpret the only bit you can see and trying that incorrect value in one of the many padlocks. 

The puzzles themselves were a good mix of physical and mental. Sometimes it was easier to brute force the last digit of a padlock instead of solving it, and we were able to completely skip a part by doing this, however, if we hadn't we would have failed. 

Overall a good room, great theme and immersive, we certainly felt like we had worked for the whole hour. 

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hightechmagischschlechtes hosting

The game itself was great once we got in, however, getting into the escape room proved more challenging than getting out.

Upon arrival at 10:40am we were told that a GM hadn't attended work so there was no one to run our game. The options presented were to have one person run two games at once which might mean things were slower and the experience hampered, come back later, or take a refund and come back another day.

We opted to come back later at 2:00pm and upon re-arrival there was still no one to run our game, we were half way through the safety briefing and our game GM showed up. We finally got into the game, the game itself was very good technically, the amount of clues given felt slightly too many, but are optional if you don't look at the screen. I think we were presented 8 clues, but only actually read 2 or 3. The room layouts and use of space and tech were good and flowed well and the set theming coming into the item storage area were a nice touch. It wasn't always clear when to proceed into next room however. 

A full refund was offered however for the inconvenience and the rescheduling of the day. 

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immersivstory-getriebentolles hosting

A great experience for our first escape room, definitely not one to miss in Nottingham. We were greeted by our host Phoebe and after a brief safety talk were whisked away to Carfax. The setting, puzzles and attention to detail on all the set dressing were amazing. Clues were delivered brilliantly, in character and only when needed, the story line was engaging and we were genuinely surprised by the ending. A brilliant use of the space to add to the atmosphere. Cave Escape are very much to blame for our new hobby and we will be back to complete Monuments