Wacky Wheels: Longest Night in Bell-Ville

By | Dezember 15, 2021

von Wacky Wheels (webseite)

1-4 Spieler


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📓escape book
90-180 minuten
Winter is coming to Bell-Ville and the villagers are totally unprepared. Not only do they have to prepare the celebrations of The Longest Night, they also have to make sure that they safely cross 'The Frozen Wastelands'. Can you help them get ready on time?
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Is this a good book? Yes.

Is there room for improvement? Also yes.

Should you buy it? Yes!

The amount of work that has been put in there is outstanding. The alignments of everything must have took hours. My suggestions were merely to give some pointers to perhaps elevate the book series as there should always be room for improvement in any project/game. This has so much potential to become a must-have for escape room fans. Almost like becoming a staple like EXIT, Unlock and pocket escape. Since this holidays are coming, this book is certainly a great gift (since it has winter and celebration as its main theme) and would be a fantastic addition to any escape room fan's collection. Fun for the whole family or as a solo play for the more experienced player! Can't wait to see what their future creations will be like!

The reason this works so well for this particular game is how the story is set up. It’s a linear experience where players read each page as they work their way through the game. The main character (in this case, you!) works their way through different locations in the fictional town of Bell-Ville and the story slowly unfolds across the 30 pages towards a conclusion.

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