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By | Juni 10, 2021

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1870, Paris. After the first book about Captain Nemo and his submarine “Nautilus”, which raised great interest in public, Jules Verne is publishing the ending of the story about the mysterious captain.  
Right before his death, Nemo says that he will enclose his scientific findings and autobiography in a small unsinkable container: "The last one of us left on the Nautilus will throw that container into the sea, and it will drift wherever the waves take it." Right after that, Nautilus is destroyed. Although someone could think that the whole story is just an imagination of Jules Verne, in private conversations the author admits that the characters are real. And now we can prove it! We have found the “unsinkable container” and it is now up to you to reveal the secret of Captain Nemo and find the lost traces of his scientific findings!
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Lately I've been a sucker for wooden puzzles and I tried to do this one as fast as I could, wouldn't suggest that normally just take you time with these.

This puzzle is amazing, there are 4 major puzzles you need to solve, where one is really easy and some require a lot more from you, unlocking tools and finding where to use them. All the first puzzles can be solved just by looking at the markings. The final puzzle was different for me in this aspect, I didn't find any indicators on how to directly solve it but I went with the logical solution for me and it opened, so I might have missed something on this.

Will recommend, it's best played 1 person but put it back together and you can start again, will play with it again at some other time.

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