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Great room with a lot of puzzles we were happy that we could complete the game in English as we were on holiday. There was some great props in the room and the puzzle fit with the theme. 

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Fantastic escape room with a great concept I haven't seen in any other room. Make sure you do both one after the other - for the true experience. 

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originaltolles hostingmagischziemlich schwierig

One of the best rooms I've done. Top 5 for sure. You must do candyland 1 and 2 back to back for the true epic-ness of these rooms. You can tell this very unique room was a labour of love by the owner. It's a little tough for 2 people and they advise you should do it as a team of 4 as there is so much to be getting on with. 

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The start and storey telling in this game were epic. As a heist style escape room it had a large amount of padlock but the puzzles with varied. It was a little intense as we did it back to back with temple quest. I would do them the other way round if doing both. Would definely recommend clue cracker.

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Had high hope's for this game after completing the pit. The puzzle are on theme but sometimes feel illogical. The room was quite dark which made things tricky to find things -not in a fun way. Our host was less experienced and gave us answer when we didnt ask for them. 

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Loved the puzzles and immursian of this room. A couple of unique puzzles that we havent seen else where. One of my partners favourite games, for its uniqueness. But also the room could do with a few more puzzles as we completed it quickly for a 75 minute room.

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All hands on unique puzzles fitting with the theme. Loved the satchel to coolect the loot made it feel like you were raiding the temple. This room is easier than their diamond dog and I would say very family friendly.

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This escape room should not be missed. Loads of intresting and non standard puzzles. Some which really needed team work to complete. Loved the ending with the suprise. 

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Really short but great room. Loved that you were in a miniature temple. Good set of puzzles. But also only short!

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Loved this escape room the set, props  and story line were incredible. Will be back for thier other games. 

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ClueQuest: cQ ORIGENES has the best tech in an an excape room we have experienced. This is in my top 3 escaperoom because it is so immersive! The puzzles were challenging and original . So much to do we didn't finish in the time limit but they let us play to the end.   
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Tis escape room is poor and does not meet  houdini escape rooms usual standard. The host kept giving us every answer. It was difficult to complete the room as most of it was done in the dark with a broken torch. Alot of odd placement puzzle that didnt fit the storey.

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I loved Poppa Plocks's Wonky Workshop, the room has some great puzzles. I like how you alway new where you were headed with an overall goal. 

The puppets jokes were crewed and funny really added to the atmosphere as did the room being a bit dusty like an old toy shop should be. 

Would recommend as this room always sticks in my mind.  But after doing another houdini escape room some of the hosts need more training, we were lucky this time our host was great and  dressed for the occasion! 

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The storey begin even before you are in the room and follows you home, with these fantastic hosts. I can not wait until their next room is ready. The puzzle are unique and hands on. You can see why they are the top of tripadvisor in the uk escape rooms.

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unlogischschlechtes hostingunoriginell

This is the worst escape room I've done. We completed it so fast they gave us a voucher to come back and do another game for almost free. The puzzle were, easy just finding stuff in a dark room. 

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originalraffinierteposziemlich schwierig

This game is incredible. The owner told us about her plans for this game as we had completed both her other rooms, I waited until it went live and was not disappointed her passion for escape rooms shows through in this game! The puzzles are challenging, very hands on and original. I would recommend this game to anyone. 

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story-getriebentolles hostingpassionate host

My partner loved this game. I thought it was a little plain. But that is comparing it to other games by U-escape they have Fansky which is in my top 3 games ever! 

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This was my first ever escape room! It gave me and my partner the bug to do many more. The game was immersive and had some great puzzle and props. I have now done all the game by U-escape rooms. I keep coming back as the owners passion really comes through in the games.