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Gespielt am: 3 Oct 2020
komischimmersivtolles hosting😨gruselig
Gespielt am: 3 Oct 2021
Gespielt am: 14 Nov 2020
tolles hosting
Gespielt am: 14 Nov 2020
Gespielt am: 23 Nov 2020
hightechimmersivtolles hosting

Fantastic set design and decor. Really feels like a real ancient temple.

Gespielt am: 5 Dec 2020
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Gespielt am: 5 Dec 2020
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Gespielt am: 12 Dec 2020
immersivtolles hosting

Nice set and good amount of tech. Some funny moments.

Gespielt am: 20 Dec 2020
hightechtolles hosting

Nice set with a lot of easy to medium puzzles to keep the momentum rolling. Good mix of traditional lock, mechanism and physical tasks.

Gespielt am: 9 Jan 2021
schönimmersivtolles hostingziemlich leicht

Very nice decoration that fits the castle theme. Simple puzzles but all of them fits the theme very well.The avatar is quite funny.

Gespielt am: 20 Feb 2021
Gespielt am: 27 Feb 2021

Very impressive set and decoration. Lots of puzzles to solve but there is one that is quite tedious to solve through Zoom. There are a few nice effects in the room.

Gespielt am: 12 Mar 2021
immersivtolles hosting😨gruselig
Gespielt am: 24 Apr 2021
Gespielt am: 8 May 2021
immersivtolles hosting😨gruselig
Gespielt am: 26 May 2021
hightechimmersivziemlich schwierig
Gespielt am: 11 Sep 2021
preis-leistungs-verhältnishightechtolles hosting

High tech game devoid of any traditional locks and keys. Puzzles are on the easier side.

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The puzzles are varied and fine but the difficulty level is on the easier side. The length is shorter than expected.

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Gespielt am: 7 Aug 2021 Teamgröße: 7 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
preis-leistungs-verhältnistolles hostingmagisch

Simple but logical puzzles that are fun to solve. Nice decoration. There are some mechanism that gives this game a magical touch.

Gespielt am: 3 Jul 2021 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
Gespielt am: 22 Jan 2021 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

This room has excellent theming. The silent avatar, background music, and voice over for every text that was found really adds to the atmosphere. I like how the game ramps up the tension as we progress through the rooms. One of my favorite remote game.

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