Escapages: Vice Versa

Von | April 14, 2020

von Escapages (webseite)

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Two strangers are meeting, heading for the same destination. One is a murderer; the other a victim. But who is who?
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Darren Miller experte hat dies bewertet:Rated between 2 and 2 out of 5
stairs experte hat dies bewertet:Rated between 1 and 1 out of 5

Full marks for the intriguing concept - a (pair of) co-operative puzzle book(s) - but the execution is an absolute car crash: nonsensical story, broken puzzles (for which even the author can't explain the solution to on the associated website), grammatical and spelling errors... just awful. 

egnor experte hat dies bewertet:Rated between 2 and 2 out of 5

+1 point for the creative concept with a pair of books (the "Heads" and "Tails" editions) designed for cooperative play, which is a great setup for playing with remote friends.

The puzzles themselves are often questionable, with frequently bad logic leaps. Hinting works through a web forum that offers spotty service. The writing is hilariously terrible.

Overall, it's a fun way to spend time with friends laughing at bad puzzles.

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As a cooperative puzzle escape book, you need to buy both editions of Vice Versa. Escapages distinguish between these by calling them Heads Edition and Tails Edition. In other words, if you have the Heads Edition, in order to successfully solve any of the puzzles, you will need a partner playing with the companion: Tails Edition.

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