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We’ve done a fair few of these online escape rooms now, and they are a fabulous evening filler to have a little bit of an “escape” from life from the comfort of our own home. This game is one of the starter difficulty level games, but still quite a challenge on the old noggin. Quite a few riddles that we hadn’t come across before really nicely done. If you’re new to online escape rooms, this would be a good one to start with.  Prestige escape room is also a physical escape room venue, and we look forward to trying the other live rooms. 

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schönraffinierttolles hostingziemlich schwierig

This game was so much fun! We have done close to 100 rooms now, and this room felt like the room that just kept on giving. So many original puzzles, and a lot of fun had by the both of us. We will be visiting this venue again to check out the live escape rooms.

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This game was so much fun and a really good laugh playing with my wife on this immersive, original and vast online escape room. Really enjoyed our eureka moments when the penny finally, dropped with certain puzzles. Absolutely fantastic.

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Good fun, good room, good story line, interesting puzzles, good fun had by us both good experience over all, it’s clearly a busy place as we did suspect that our host hosted two games at ones. But of course we could be wrong. 

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Wow wow wow! This idea is soooooo cool, if the program works for the ful hour it would be amazing!! Would have scored higher if there were no so many “technical” problems. Good hosting, explained how things work very well. They definitely love there gear and job, will be returning. 

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Well we thought this room was great. Fabulous story line, and original puzzle ideas, let down by the hosting a little bit. We felt it may have been their first day or that they were sleepy. We did enjoy the room, so much so we decided to another right after. Good all round experience

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I really enjoyed this room wonderfully laid out and a real challenge, some of the ideas used in this room to obtain information is incredibly original. Again this seems to be a theme with the Technology-based rooms , it doesn’t take a lot for the tech to fail. And leaves me wondering whether the technology is even necessary. Fab room though !

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Loved how this room started and I quite like the theme. Again let down by a poor host who really didn’t give us the impression that they wanted to be there. And what really lets this room down is a huge part of the room we completely bypassed so we never needed to open it and a red herring that I must’ve spent 10 minutes on and we still managed to get out in 37 minutes. Great decor great layout half decent storyline Poor hosting and I hate red herrings!

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Such potential for an amazing game. We didn’t get out. More due to the fact that my wife was petrified. The reason this isn’t getting five stars is more to do with the hosting and the room was far too dark. Pretty good story line, but far too much technology that didn’t perform properly. Great building that the venue is in and we have done plenty of their other games and won’t be writing these guys off as they have got some pretty good rooms. We will be back.   
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We have done quite a few rooms now, and my wife and I took on this room knowing that it was a bit of a challenge and we soon found ourselves in an immersive prison Break situation! The hosting for this one is brilliant we are of the opinion that games start in the briefing room and this is no different. Well done clued up another great room can’t wait to come back and do your others!!

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immersivtolles hostingheftig

Brilliant room and we escaped as a team of two. A really immersive story and quite a few original puzzles, great host (Andy), great venue