Project Avatar: The Curse of the Beast

By | Mai 1, 2022

von Project Avatar (webseite)

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Once a young witch stayed in a hotel during her trip.
She fell in love with the hotel owner. But he didn't reciprocate her, and he has cast a curse on him.
He began to turn into a bear, every night every night he slowly turned into a bear. One day he completely disappeared.
There are rumors that the witch enchanted one of the hotel rooms and made a transition from it to her hut on the outskirts of the village. She closed the bear there.
You, braves, are asked to check this hut and save the hotel owner.
There is one brave man who will go there with you. This is your Avatar. He will listen to your voices and do what you will tell him to do. His every movement and action depends solely on your decisions. With his help you will discover this place. Together you can go through this.
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