Professor Puzzle: Danger in the Deep

By | Dezember 1, 2021

von Professor Puzzle (webseite)

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120 minuten

Using all your secret agent training, you need to navigate your way through the deserted sub, crack the shutdown code, disable the warheads, and locate the enemy agent. All in two hours!

There are 14 interactive and interlinked puzzles, and the detailed instructions, helpful hints and easy-to-follow game format ensure that both novices and experts are guaranteed an immersive, high octane experience.

Let the countdown begin!

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"Danger in the Deep" provided a thrilling spy mission where a careful eye and teamwork can help save the world! I felt the light storyline guided players throughout the game in a concise way while still providing great theming. The mixture of puzzles in this game also aid new and experienced players alike. The hint system could have a bit more to it but if you have enough variety in your team, you’ll be fine. This is the kind of game that is perfect for a game night with friends and family as well as being a strong competitor to introductory escape puzzle games. If you enjoy spy missions and hunting for clues, then this is a perfect option! Take on the task of stopping the enemy spy and see if you can stop the warheads!

From the moment the postman knocked on my front door and handed me Professor Puzzle’s newest game “Danger in the Deep”, I knew this was going to be something quite special. A great quality box covered in bright poppy colours and themed around one of my favourite ‘settings’ for an escape game: the submarine!

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