This was a simple, but fun one. Players start separated into cells, have to solve their own puzzles to meet up, and then continue the Escape together. It was nothing outstanding, but an overall entertaining experience.
It has nothing to do with a classic Escape Room and should be put in a different Genre entirely. You do not Escape, there is pretty much no progression. It's just a single room where you have to influence some characters via votes on a screen, which happen every X minutes. All clues are basically available from the start, you just have to match them with the questions correctly, which can be very finicky. Make too many wrong choices and you have already lost, even if there is time left. You have no agency over anything. It just felt like a complete disappointment.
Overall, we were not impressed with these rooms. We had two teams compete in both rooms at the same time. While the scenery is nice, the puzzles are not. Most of them are just "find the right spell, wave your wand and speak the words together" followed by the GM opening something remotely. The puzzles are not self-contained in the room, it feels very artificial. I would only recommend this for children who are into Harry Potter. The PvP spells are also just a pointless gimmick.