Gespielt am: 10 Nov 2015 Teamgröße: 3 Benötigte Zeit: 48:24 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
preis-leistungs-verhältnisstumpfziemlich leicht

Our second ever room. I remember this being quite a basic room and quite plain decor. Would be ideal for teams new to escape rooms and possibly younger people.

Gespielt am: 14 Oct 2015 Teamgröße: 3 Ergebnis: Gescheitert :-(

Our first ever escape room. Retrospective review but I remember it being pretty decent.

Gespielt am: 23 Sep 2022 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 68 Ergebnis: Gescheitert :-(
story-getriebentolles hosting

Quite traditional but a very solid game. We were a bit rubbish on some of the puzzles but all of them were very logical. Theming was good and Alex a great host who spends time to explain anything with the room. We played on hard difficulty (one up from medium but one down from extra hard). We needed a few clues and was also offered extra time (10 mins) to complete.

Gespielt am: 23 Sep 2022 Teamgröße: 2 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
hightechstory-getriebentolles hostingziemlich schwierig

Very enjoyable room. Aim is to not escape but rather to complete main mission aims. As a team of 2 we managed 3/4 of the aims which counts as success. Lots of tech and all worked seamlessly. Very immersive and logical puzzles.

Gespielt am: 24 Sep 2022 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 47 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
tolles hosting

Lovely host, puzzles all flowed, very satisfying experience.