Escape Room Geeks: Escape from the Wizard’s Workshop

By | März 14, 2023

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2-5 Spieler

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45-60 minuten
für kinder

Even before you started attending the Magicarium, the international school for young aspiring wizards, you heard rumors about Professor Wumblemore.

Whenever he was not teaching, he was experimenting with new potions and spells in his workshop close to the school.

Students were forbidden to go there, but one evening you and your friends noticed that the door was open and you somehow managed to stumble in there.

Immediately the door slammed behind you and you stood face to face with …. a slightly overweight talking cat.

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Escape from the Wizard’s Workshop is a colourful, fun intro to escape games for younger kids. It works great as a family game and would be perfect for parties. It’s definitely helped our little puzzler want to play more puzzle games – they had a blast!

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