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By | Februar 19, 2022

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Crank the beat up, grab the mic and prove to the world who’s the best lyricist! Puzzle Rap Star is a puzzle book that will challenge you to master your skills and level up in the rap game.

To play, examine the images and text on each page then bend your mind to crack the codes. Use what you learned to crush your competition and solve the mystery of your missing crew member. You'll go from underground battles to gaining worldwide fame.

Tackle six levels containing over sixty puzzles! It’s time to make a name for yourself and become a Puzzle Rap Star. Grab a pencil and start your journey.

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Puzzle Rap Star is a puzzle book with a very niche theme, but the creators have managed to pull it off with an enjoyable puzzle game. As I say, it’s never a theme I would personally go for and I can’t imagine that the “escape room enthusiast” and “rap music enthusiast” Venn diagram is larger than a handful of people. But I commend the creators for trying something new.

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