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immersivtolles hosting
We played this as a large group and found that there was enough to keep us occupied. The storyline helped to engage you with the game, there were some novel puzzle ideas and the hosting was great. Mumbles Bunker has been around for ages so they must be doing something right.
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preis-leistungs-verhältnistolles hostingfamilienfreundlich
The standout features of this room are the puzzles and the hosting. The game has been set up with a limited budget and it's amazing what can be done with some creative thinking. The puzzles range in difficulty. Some are easy. Some take a bit more thought. It's not linear so it's best to divide and conquer. The sheer volume of puzzles could be overwhelming for smaller or inexperienced teams, but the host would likely adapt their strategy accordingly. The pricing reflects the gen 1 setup of the game and we hope to return to a new room in the future.
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story-getriebenschlechtes hosting
The game was okay with some nice ideas, but the hint setup is poor. While the host was lovely, she had no audio and so had no idea what we understood and what we were struggling with. You're given a device that will give you up to five hints throughout the game. These were generic and didn't help us to progress. The host could be summoned with a call bell, at which point she would have to hike up a set of stairs and ask what you wanted. Maybe we were having a poor day for thinking and the ineffective hint system made things worse than they might otherwise have been. If you work out the logic and don't need the hints, the experience may be better.
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story-getriebentolles hostingfamilienfreundlich
We enjoyed the crime scene room. The puzzles were logical and there was a bonus game for completing the escape early. Nothing too difficult and enough to keep a small team occupied.