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This room is so, so good! So many moments when we said ‘Ah that’s brilliant’! 

Very original with lots of variation on puzzles and a good mix of locks and tech. Played this as a group of 2 with a 12 week old baby. We would normally play as a 4 and I think it threw us off as we had to have a little more help than normal even though this room definitely isn’t as difficult as the Book of Magic. Still absolutely loved it though and the set is so wonderfully done and immersive. 

Amazing hosts as always. So welcoming! Great communication and clues that were given on the screen were clear and quickly delivered. 

raffiniertimmersivtolles hostingziemlich schwierig

This room has so much to offer!! It’s quite a difficult room as there are so many puzzles but I loved this! It was the hardest room we have played but it flowed brilliantly and everyone was always doing something. We didn’t stop the whole time. Some puzzles were a little challenging and we did require some help with a couple of them but never felt defeated by that. Lots of locks which I love ;) 

Hosts were fabulous as always. Great communication which was clear and quick when we asked for it.

Teamgröße: 4

This is my all time favourite room!! An amazing set which is just beautiful and makes you say ‘wow’ when you walk in!  From the moment the game starts there is so much fun! 

Clever and original puzzles with a real great mixture of locks and tech. There were even a few elements id never seen before in an escape room! 

Excellent hosting as always. These guys always pull it out the bag :) 

I promise if you play this room you will not be disappointed 

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Couple of nice puzzles. Flowed nicely too. 

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hightechimmersivtolles hosting
originalraffiniertunusual hostingziemlich leicht

As with all the games here the sets are always quite impressive. Some good original puzzles which we loved with lots of variation however just not enough puzzles for us. 

Wasn’t a fan of the end and the task you had to do. We found it was more luck, than skill. 

The host is a unique character with an unusual hosting style which I’m sure some people love but personally I find a little annoying. Lots of unwanted communication throughout the game. 

You also get time knocked off every time you touch ‘The Creep’ (the plant) which personally I don’t think is fair. 

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immersivheftigunusual hostingziemlich schwierig

The set is really impressive and the game is too. Some great tech and puzzles and I personally love the added collecting part of an escape room. However the hosting is quite unique. The character of The Professor can easily get on your nerves and we had a lot of unwanted communication from him through the walkie-talkie even though we managed to get all the items needed, lots of gold and with plenty of time remaining. 

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hightechoriginaltolles hostingziemlich schwierig

Set was impressive. Host Sophie was really lovely. However a bit too much tech for me but that’s a personal preference. Find it frustrating when you are stood around watching tech/videos before you can move on with another puzzle. 

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hightechtolles hosting

Lovely hosts. Set was great. Some good puzzles. Some tech was just a bit too fiddly to use though and a bit frustrating 

originalraffinierttolles hosting

Loved this room!! Such a clever use of space. Loved the interaction and the hosts were brilliant. Great mix of locks/tech and some great original puzzles 

immersivtolles hosting

Excellent hosts. A great mix of puzzles and tech. Great set and design. Really enjoyed it!!