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Yet another absolutely fabulous room from Kelly and the team. Our little one LOVED this game, so much she could do and get involved in (and who doesnt love an elf?) lot's of unique, fun puzzles again and I just love all of EO's games, they're all so different and fun you'll never leave disappointed. 


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We tested this game and first of all, you have to take a moment and step back to appreciate the amount of work and effort that has gone into creating this room - beautifully hand painted - amazing. 

The game was brilliant, there was something for everyone, I really enjoyed a lot of the puzzles in this room, some simple but extremely effective and enough to confuse me (until after 11am) and some more complex that were super fun to explore and solve. 

I took an Escape room newbie with me for this and he really enjoyed it and found his feet really fast and managed with the puzzles which tells me this room is perfectly designed for both newbies and experienced players alike. 

I wish Jonny and the team all the best with this room as it really is fantastic. 

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This room is perfect for families! We took out 3 year old and it was amazing. Everything is at her eye or reach level. She was having a blast collecting things, making things happen and solving clues all by herself, she was even opening locks. 

The clues were in cases easy for her to figure out but in other cases challenging enough for us as experienced players too. 

The theming was perfect, hosting amazing, game 10/10

Highly recommend. 

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