Gespielt am: 6/11/2021 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 49:20 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
tolles hosting

This room was unnecessarily dark and the lights provided were frustraingly dull. 

That aside, the puzzles were good, some fun elements but we found it a little frustrating with the light situation however a solid game. 

Gespielt am: 14/02/2023 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 27:04 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

The location of this game is so cool! We had a ball exploring and completing the puzzles in this game. There were a couple of the early puzzles we particularly enjoyed and a cool surprise later on too which was really fun.

A quick escape from us but it didn't feel quick in the room which is always good (we guessed around the 40 min mark) 

Another Gem from Escapologic. 

Gespielt am: 14/02/2023 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 41:26 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

This room has been on my "to play" list for a couple of years now - so I finally booked it.  It is worth noting there is sometimes  a live actor in the room so if you're uncomfortable with this, mention it to your GM and they are very accomodating in removing this element. 

The game itself isn't super tricky but there are some clever puzzles that alongside the intensity of the room and theming can appear harder than they are.  The room is cleverly lit and has some really clever "spooks". 

A great surprise element in this room (no spoilers of course) I'm still laughing about today. 

It is worth noting that if, like myself you have a major clown phobia - this may not be the room for you, if you just find them a bit creepy, you'll probably be fine. Despite this phobia I still really enjoyed myself, I'm glad I did it but I'll pass on ever seeing a clown again :) 

Thank you to Willow for hosting us and accepting me at my worst. 

Quote of the game "what is wrong with these people?"

Gespielt am: 14/02/2023 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 46:12 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

This room is so unique in so many ways. We really enjoyed the puzzles, the theming and had a great time completing this room. We'd highly recommend anyone give it a go it's unmissable. 

Gespielt am: 13/12/2021 Teamgröße: 4 Benötigte Zeit: 40:31 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

We played this game as a team building excersize. 2 newbies, 2 experienced players. We tried to sit back and allow the newbies to do the puzzles too. As with all Tessa's games there are some fabulous home made props and unique puzzles and it absolutely doesn't disappoint. We really enjoyed this game and hope it will be back this year too. 

Gespielt am: 14/02/2022 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 37:59 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
unlogischkaputte technik

This room is tricky to review - we got the record on this one which was nice but sadly some broken props and a slightly absent host meant we wasted time and got frustrated at something that, in reality was an easy fix. There were some "fun" puzzles in the room that made us laugh but unfortunately the poor quality and props being broken meant some puzzles weren't completed as per the room instruction and no guidance was given, made for a negative experience for us.

Our host was really nice, it was fairly evident he was unable to "fix" any issues as it was out of his remit, for which we felt sad as it has potential to be a good room if those bits could be fixed and work properly. 

Gespielt am: 20/03/22 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 44:08 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

We played Dystopia immediately before Utopia - I highly recommend players do this as it's so cleverly written! 

Dystopia is the original escape room - locks, keys, and  the theming is fab! 

The puzzles in this room were very fun! Nothing so difficult it needed lots of prompting but not so easy you felt like you just swanned through, couple of unique bits we'd not seen before and it was super fun and very immersive, set design is fabulous, hosting very good - they are practically invisible and it  works super well and the link between the two games is just brilliant! 

Gespielt am: 20/03/2022 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 42:57 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

We played Utopia immediately after Dystopia - I highly recommend players do this as it's so cleverly written! 

Utopia takes on the high tech side of things and it does it very well! 

The tech in this room felt like we were in a movie, it was super fun and very immersive, set design is fabulous, hosting very good - they are practically invisible and it  works super well and the link between the two games is just brilliant! 

Gespielt am: 15/04/22 Teamgröße: 2.5 Benötigte Zeit: 40:40 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

This game is so magical, beautifully designed and has some really unique, fun puzzles. We took our 3 year old here too and she loved how vibrant it was and there were some bits she could get stuck into which she loved. There is a small crawling element in the room, which again entertained the 3 year old and it was used really well and in keeping with the theme. Not super hard so definately a room for any team, beginner or expert I think all ages would also love it! Another great job by Brett and the team! 

Highly recommend this room. 

Gespielt am: 20/03/22 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 52:45 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

We really enjoyed this room. Non-linear complete the puzzles to escape kind of rooms are my favourite (not so much my partners) but it means we can both get stuck in. Lot's to do in this room in a huge space with some cute quirky props and puzzles. 

We had a ball I recommend all the games here! 

Gespielt am: 22/04/22 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 43:11 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
immersivstory-getriebentolles hosting😨gruselig

We loved this game. Super edgy - the staff were fantastic, the puzzles were fun to complete and my team mate was a bit on edge given the theme and the theming in the room but we stuck together and got outta there. We had a lot of fun and are looking to return to this branch soon! 

Gespielt am: 4/7/22 Teamgröße: 2.5 Benötigte Zeit: 44:49 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
originaltolles hosting

We enjoyed this game, some really fun bits in here even a cheeky chocolate cookie waiting for our 3 year old which was a really lovely touch. She enjoyed searching around and helping us find clues and we really liked how original this game was. 

Gespielt am: 2/8/22 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 54:41 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
story-getriebentolles hosting

We really liked the theming in this room. Everything you'd want from a Casino theme. A couple of trickier puzzles that made us think for a while but nothing unsolveable. Some normal locks and codes puzzles as well as some techy bits which were fun and some puzzles that required good communication which we love. 

Host was fantastic, super lovely and only hinted if he could see we were totally on the wrong path and we really enjoyed the game 

Definately recommend. 

Gespielt am: 2/8/22 Teamgröße: 2 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

As a team we aren't huge fans on Heist style games however this one was different. We had a ball with this game and I was so excited when we were playing. We each quickly found our skills and worked well as a team to grab as much as we could. We laughed, we felt the pressure, we loved the way the game worked and we'd highly recommend this Heist to anyone. 

We escaped with £2,300,000 not bad!

Gespielt am: 5/8/22 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 57:00 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
raffinierttolles hostingunique

As always Jason has delivered a fabulously clever room. He has some fab puzzles and often surprises me and trips us up. I love that this is again non linear meaning we can split up and do lots of different puzzles and compare stories afterward and potentially play again as we saw lots of different things. 

Jasons hosting is always on point, he gets into character and fully embraces the escape room experience. With this being in an actual Bank Vault it is really authentic and such fun to play and so different to other Heist games out there. 

Gespielt am: 21/08/2022 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 47:00 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
raffinierttolles hostingziemlich leicht

Some nice props in this room, that were in keeping with the story line. A couple of unique puzzles that we enjoyed. It was a nice calm, linear room for us. We sailed through quite nicely not needing assistance. A really nice escape room. 

Gespielt am: 22/10/2022 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 43:19 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
Gespielt am: 22/10/22 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 51:56 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
Gespielt am: 6/11/22 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 50:54 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
originalraffiniertuniqueziemlich schwierig

This is such a unique concept. It's not spoiler that this game is played in the complete darkness - and it really is darkness! Your eyes do not adjust at all. It heightens all your senses and forces you to visualise the room and remember where you have "felt" things previously etc. A very clever concept, not the easiest thing to do, not being able to see but absolutely acheiveable. You need to communicate and trust yourself and your team mates. I really enjoyed this challenge. 

Gespielt am: 8/12/2022 Teamgröße: 3.5 Benötigte Zeit: 60:00 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

So much fun was had. I took 2 newbies and my 3 year old and we all had a ball! 

I hope this comes back.

Gespielt am: 5/01/23 Teamgröße: 2.5 Benötigte Zeit: 49:00 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

We took our 3 year old to this room and she showed us up! She was able to complete little tasks such as posting the letters, feeding the reindeer and she even found other puzzles and clues that we missed as they were perfectly placed in her eyeline. 

The room was magical, warm and there was lots to do for all of us. We were able to split up and work seperately and together and some really unique puzzles too.

Loved this room - I really hope they bring it back for 2023 or something similar because it would be a shame to lose it! 

Gespielt am: 9/01/23 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 52:48 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

This was the first room we played at Tulleys and I'd say the easier of the 5. Themeing was great - and a fab surprise at one point too (No spoiler) plenty to keep us both busy, again divide and conquer because of the volume of things to do but nothing that wasn't acheiveable. 

Gespielt am: 9/1/23 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 69:00 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

This game was sold to us by many an escaper as "super hard" almost impossible for a team of two. I don't think this is the case - if you divide and conquer - it's more a lot to do than too hard to do.  It wasn't a scary room - but I would understand if certain people found it a little creepy/edgy. Cleverly themed, not too tricky. Good fun game, there were two particular puzzles I personally really enjoyed and one small skill element - that again personally we didn't enjoy (No spoilers of course) but it didn't distract too much from the rest of the game. 

Gespielt am: 9/1/23 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 57:00 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

There's not a lot I can write on this one without giving too much away so I'll keep it short.

Magical in so many ways, I love the "competitive" feeling I had in this one and I loved the world we explored. 

Themeing as always with Tulleys games was fabulous and we loved this game. 

Gespielt am: 9/01/23 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 55:41 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

The themeing on this game was fantastic. We did a lot of shouting and running. The puzzles weren't hugely difficult there were just a lot of them and with this room for a small team, again if you divide and conquer you stand a much better chance of escaping. 

Really enjoyed again 2 particular puzzles I hadn't seen in an escape room before and the story and theming for us was very well done. Really enjoyed this game!