Very pretty room with some nice surprises. 

preis-leistungs-verhältnistolles hosting

Huge room, very friendly owner. Positive experience all round. 

originaltolles hosting

A comedy western room with a lot of interaction with the live actor who, like the actors in the other rooms at this venue, gives it 100%

Unique experience. 

ziemlich schwierig

Probably a great room once, but could do with some (basic) maintenance.  Quite dark too which made things a bit tricky. Shame as there are some novel puzzles and great ideas here. 

originaltolles hostingheftig💀extreme angst

Both terrifying and jaw-dropping in equal measure. Unmissable. 

immersivheftigsehr leicht

I know this has rave reviews, but I played it after playing two of the DarkPark boxed games (which I loved) and my expectations were very high. Sadly it didn't really connect with me. I found the puzzles way too complex and the artwork all a bit twee. I feel bad writing this review as I really wanted to love it. 


This room has its own cute themed waiting area complete with a bonus puzzle to do while you are waiting. The room itself looks very nice indeed with lots of references that W&G fans will like. A fun experience for sure. Just a couple of odd moments with the puzzles that stop it from being really really good. 


Just an excellent room packed densely with fun puzzles. I preferred this to the Citadel, but that is also awesome. Escape Nation should be on every enthusiast's radar. 

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Rating this 5 stars primarily from an experience point of view. There are some crazy (in a good way) elements to this room that I loved. If you are all about puzzle, puzzle, puzzle you may not share my sentiment but the wow moments from the set build and some of the things you need to do are unforgettable. 

This game, at the Bristol location, is quite possibly the worst escape room open in the UK at the moment.
When the game starts you step outside of the reception (a scruffy but completely functional portacabin-type thing) and into a totally pitch black barn covered with tarpaulin, and no floor. That's right. No floor. You are basically standing on dirt.
You have to do everything by torchlight as there are no lights at all. The props are literally filthy. I don't mean a bit dirty, or a bit worn, I mean FILTHY. Covered in mud, dust and dirt. The "Case Files" you find that help you along the way are laminated bits of paper which are soggy (as in actually wet) and faded. 
There are about 5 puzzles in the room. They are made very difficult by the fact everything is so dirty and worn and you can't really see anything and some relevant information you need to be able to see has faded. My hands were so cold they felt a little numb, which also made opening padlocks uncomfortable. A large physical puzzle at the the end required at least 4 hands to complete it, which is borderline impossible for a group of 2 when you remember that one hand has to hold a torch as it's pitch black otherwise. Some colours that are used for signposting have totally changed from their original so you have to guess. "I think the yellow must be red".

Not every room at this venue has this outside/barn situation. The Runner, for example, is definitely inside. So if you find yourself tempted as we were by one of the many, many offers that City Mazes run, perhaps check ahead with them to find out what you are letting yourself in for.

Friendly GM, free parking.

Very strange room.  It's a prison but you start in a large governor's office before breaking in to a cell (?)

The door to the cell is a garden gate, which might give you an indication to how much effort has gone into the theming. 

Plenty of red herrings and deviations from standard escape room procedure make the room unnecessarily tricky too.

Staff very friendly. 

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