Elgin Escape: Santa’s Last Parcel

By | November 16, 2021

von Elgin Escape (webseite)

14 Harrow Inn Close, IV30 1BP

1-6 Spieler


Sprachen: EN

After a busy evening delivering parcels to children worldwide, Santa has finally arrived back at his Grotto in the North Pole. He turns round after putting the sleigh away and discovers a parcel lying on the floor tucked under the seat. He lifts the parcel to discover there is no name or address on the parcel. Can you work quickly to find out where it needs to be delivered to in time for Christmas morning?
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Bewertet zwischen 2.5 und 4 von 5

basierend auf Bewertungen von 3 Benutzern
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Emma N erfahren hat dies bewertet:Rated between 25 and 25 out of 5
Gespielt am: 24 Nov 2023 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: 49 Ergebnis: Entkommen!

Another family friendly room and enjoyed it with my 9yr old but couple of puzzles that how to do the sneer was trickier than working out the answer. Some ideas I hadn’t seen before mixed in with easy ones for the younger player 

Molly Smith erfahren hat dies bewertet:Rated between 25 and 25 out of 5
Gespielt am: 19 Dec 2022 Teamgröße: 2 Benötigte Zeit: Untimed

We found this online experience quite frustrating as we could work out the answers relatively easily but it wasn't clear what format they needed inputting in. The answer boxes were just blank with no indication of how to turn our answers into what was necessary to make it load the next page.

EireBanshee experte hat dies bewertet:Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Gespielt am: 21 Nov 2021 Teamgröße: 3 Benötigte Zeit: 47 Ergebnis: Entkommen!
familienfreundlichziemlich leicht

A fun and festive game, nothing too strenuous but it was enjoyable.  The very abrupt ending was a bit of a downer, no fanfare or sound effects just a sudden and silent return to the main screen.  Worth playing.

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If you’re looking for a festive game to bring the family together, whether you’re all around one screen or dotted across the globe, Santa’s Last Parcel could be a great option for a bit of lighthearted puzzling.

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